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Welcome to the Austrian Hemp Association (ÖHV)!

The ÖHV was founded in 2012 as the free and independent representation of the interests of the Austrian hemp industry and consumers and operates an office in Vienna for this purpose.

In addition, the Austrian Hemp Association maintains Austria's only hemp archive. The hemp archive has documented the political and social development of hemp in Austria for over 4 decades, creating a unique treasure about the history of hemp in Austria.

The association, whose activity is not geared towards profit, aims to research and develop concepts for solving existing environmental problems through the use of regional and sustainable value chains and products made from and with hemp.

Other organizations, but also individuals, should be made aware of the potential of the sustainable crop hemp and encouraged to act sustainably. "

On the one hand, the ÖHV is the consumer protection organization in the field of hemp, in particular commercial or industrial hemp, as well as a bridge builder to the developing hemp industry and acts as a political advisor.

It is important to fully exploit the potential of the hemp crop and to raise awareness of the numerous uses of hemp in the general public.

In the foreground is also the safety, sustainability and environmentally friendly production of hemp products such as food, food supplements, textiles, paper, building materials, bioplastics etc. for the consumer.

We also try to achieve this by exchanging information regularly with national and regional hemp organizations such as EIHA, GlobeCann or the German Hemp Association.

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Did you know that?...

Hemp cultivation in Austria has a long tradition.

Place names like Amstetten (Hampstetten) or Hanfthal - AD 1149. first mentioned as Hemp Valley - attest to the fact that hemp was grown in our region around 900 years ago.

But even in Hanfthal, after the international drug ban of 1961 and the associated demonization of hemp, all hemp cultivation was shut down for several decades.

Hemp disappeared from the consciousness of people as well as from our fields as part of the "War on Drugs" proclaimed by President Nixon.

The Mexican colloquial expression "marijuana" was introduced across America and so many people no longer know today that cannabis, marijuana or hemp are one and the same plant.


It is only since 1995 that agricultural businesses in Europe have been allowed to grow fiber or food hemp, as well as "CBD", provided that the variety is listed in the EU variety catalog.

Given the upcoming growing challenges related to climate change, our global “footprint”

and above all because of the ever faster globalization, hemp is becoming increasingly important in all of its diverse areas of application. Hemp absorbs CO2 and uses only a fraction of the amount of water in cotton in textile production.


The tabooing of hemp by banning it as a stimulant on the one hand and the promotion of the renewable raw material hemp on the other hand often cause confusion. This requires clarification based on facts and evidence. For this reason, it is important to work professionally, consistently and with united forces on the image of the hemp plant and to provide information in a strong community.



The members of the Austrian Hemp Association (ÖHV)

commit themselves to the following code of conduct in their work:




Representation of interests and exchange of interests form essential elements of a functioning and lively democracy and are to be promoted in the interest of all those involved in the process of shaping framework conditions.

Stakeholders and public affairs experts in companies, associations, NGOs,
Chambers and agencies therefore play an important role in mediating between business, politics, administration and civil society in terms of democratic policy.

This work of conveying information and interests requires a high degree of personal
Integrity, socio-political sensitivity and transparency in the exercise of this profession ahead.

Based on international models, the Austrian Hemp Association (ÖHV) gives itself an independent code of conduct that is binding for its members, thereby setting a clear sign of transparency and quality towards politics, civil society, as well as towards clients and the interested public.


The members of the ÖHV understand their association function as one of the information and interest mediation and thus make an essential and legitimate contribution to democratic decision-making and decision-making. When practicing their profession, the members of the ÖHV therefore observe and promote all applicable legal provisions,
in particular the principles of protection of minors, freedom of expression, the right to information, the independence of the media and the protection of personal rights.
Protection of minors, integrity, transparency, compliance with and respect for the basic democratic order form the prerequisite for daily work and are part of the self-image of the members of the ÖHV.


The members of the ÖHV undertake to adhere to the following principles when carrying out their professional and / or voluntary work:


Obligation to truthfulness towards clients, political institutions, law enforcement bodies, political decision-makers, the media and the public: ÖHV members pay attention to transparency and disclosure, especially regarding financial matters
Support initiatives and avoid any misleading use of incorrect, incomplete or misleading information.

In the course of their professional and / or voluntary work, they announce their client or the institution in whose name or on behalf they act.


Confidentiality obligation: ÖHV members treat conversations with representatives from politics and administration as confidential, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Confidential information from current or previous clients or employers will only be passed on with their express consent.
ÖHV members from the area of ​​interest representation companies do not accept the representation of competing or contradicting interests.


For ordinary ÖHV members, compliance with all youth protection requirements and measures is required
of course and of high priority.

The sale of hemp seeds, hemp cuttings and specific grow equipment is only for adults.


ÖHV members undertake no discrimination in their professional activities, in particular based on origin, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation, or to participate in behavior that fulfills discrimination.



ÖHV members treat all clients or employers, colleagues, competitors, discussion partners and other contacts with respect and undertake to respect their professional and personal reputation and, if possible, to promote it.



ÖHV members do not practice unfair, objective, articulation and pursuit of interests
unreasonable or unlawful influence on officials, in particular neither through direct, nor indirect financial or other material incentives.

In the case of an order from a client or employer in this regard, such an order will not be carried out by ÖHV members and the client or employer via
Reasons for the impracticability of the order are informed.


ÖHV members generally avoid activities that affect the reputation of the hemp industry and hemp experts, the discipline itself or the public reputation of the ÖHV and its
Can harm members.


ÖHV members from the area of ​​interest representation companies undertake not to agree inadequate remuneration for their work and with theirs before commencing their work
to conclude a written fee agreement with the respective client.
Exclusively or predominantly success-related remuneration agreements are made by

ÖHV members neither offered nor accepted.


General provisions

With their entry, the members of the ÖHV acknowledge this code of conduct in the currently applicable version and are actively committed to its observance, dissemination and further development.

In the interest of transparency, the Austrian Hemp Association publishes regularly
a current list of its members on the ÖHV homepage.

ÖHV members are entitled to use their ÖHV membership for their own communicative purposes and as a sign of compliance with the quality criteria defined in this code of conduct.

The board of directors of the ÖHV commits itself to an annual review and evaluation of the code.

Each member is also invited at any time to propose changes and amendments to the Code to the Executive Board.


Code of Conduct Procedure

Any violation of one or more provisions of Articles 1 to 8 of this Code may form the basis of a Code of Conduct procedure.

Such a procedure can lead to sanctions that lead from a written warning to the exclusion of a member from the ÖHV by the board.

The severity of the respective sanction has to be judged by the wrongfulness of the behavior in question and the damage that has occurred in particular to the reputation of the industry.

Violations of provisions of the code can be caused by ÖHV members, but also by political decision-makers, media representatives or representatives of civil society, especially the
Club board are displayed; Anonymous ads are not allowed.

Advertisements should be sent to the email address or to the official postal address. Such advertisements have a justified request and specific information about the
contain discriminated facts as well as which code provision was violated. If these requirements are met, the board of directors must immediately forward the report to the Code of Conduct Commission.

The ÖHV Code of Conduct Commission is made up of two representatives of the board of directors of the ÖHV who are impartial and an independent, legally competent representative.

When initiating a code of conduct procedure, the ÖHV Code of Conduct Committee meets to review, advise and prepare a decision recommendation to the board of directors of the ÖHV. The person affected by an advertisement must be given the opportunity to make a written statement. The Code of Conduct Commission has within eight weeks of receiving the
to send a justified notice of a recommendation for decision to the board in writing. Decisions of the ÖHV board are to be made by majority, made in writing and in
to be published anonymously on the ÖHV homepage.

As of August 2020



David Rosse

President and treasurer

The trained retail merchant and hemp activist David Rosse not only initiated the hemp hiking day in 2008 and organized it as a volunteer event manager until 2018, but has been managing the fortunes of the ÖHV since its foundation in 2012 and its reactivation in 2020.

In addition, David completed a part-time diploma course for the Event Manager ESB diploma. In addition, Rosse also worked for the hemp fair Cultiva and the Vienna-based company Buschplanet.

Wissenschaftliche Beirat


The scientific advisory board brings together the competences of different disciplines.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board will be constituted as an interdisciplinary body in autumn 2020 and will deal with all scientific topics and issues related to the topic of hemp.



The Economic Advisory Board deals in particular with issues relating to the hemp industry and / or the hemp market, legal provisions and regulations as well as hemp policy and will also be constituted in autumn 2020.



In Arbeit



The ÖHV is also involved in other relevant organizations and associations.



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Declaration on the basic direction of the medium:

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and service facility for interested parties and members.

It primarily contains content about the ÖHV and the activities

and events in connection with the ÖHV.

As a service and information platform, this page also contains links to third-party websites.

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Responsible for content: David Rosse (President)

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