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Membership fees



€ 49, - / year

Discounted memberships:


Pensioner € 25 / year

Student * € 25, - / year


* Please note that a member as a student is only possible with a valid student ID.


Become an ÖHV member now and benefit!

As a member of the ÖHV you support the Hanf Verband in its diverse activities and
also benefit from a multitude of exclusive advantages.


Only if we work together as a strong and well-informed hemp community can we raise our concerns in politics and business and protect the interests of consumers.

Membership benefits

As a thank you for your support, ÖHV-Privat members receive:


  • 1x ÖHV pin

  • 1x certificate "ÖHV member" - printed on local hemp paper

  • The informative ÖHV newsletter (once a month by email)

  • Access to exclusive videos (ÖHV Patreon account)

  • Premium access to the ÖHV app with access to the largest private hemp marketplace (launch 2021)

  • Discounts at local hemp companies and hemp events (simply via ÖHV-APP)

  • Invitations to exclusive member events

  • Voting rights at ÖHV meetings


Individuals as well as companies and associations are members of the Austrian Hemp Association.

Since we endeavor to exchange views as diverse as possible, the association also offers reduced memberships for students and seniors.


In addition to these advantages, company members receive the ÖHV press review, the ÖHV business newsletter and other benefits. If you would like to join the ÖHV as a company, please click here.

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We look forward to your contribution

Without you, the ÖHV has no voice!

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Private citizen

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Membership benefits


Membership benefits

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