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Formatting and writing an abstract

Writing an insightful and engaging article is insufficient. It is crucial to conduct the proper design in order to show it properly. The learner must thus be fully aware of the guidelines in order to avoid getting into problems before the session even begins. First-year students are typically where revision issues at the institution start. It is essential to thoroughly read the training handbook provided for preparation and comprehend the key components of the design.You can also refer to, where they have been writing student papers for more than 10 years. Professionals know all the nuances of writing such texts.

How to arrange?

Consider the basic requirements:

  1. There are no special restrictions regarding the use of fonts. As a rule, these wishes are indicated in the training manual or when describing the recommendations. The most commonly used are Times New Roman or Arial.

  2. The font size depends on the volume of the abstract. For a very voluminous work, the 12th is taken, for a smaller one - the 14th.

  3. Line spacing is usually one and a half. This is easy to read and gives the impression of inflated volumes.

  4. The main orientation of the text is portrait. Landscape is allowed only for large format drawings or tables.

  5. Padding and margins are important. They are clearly defined so that, on the one hand, they do not give the opportunity to deliberately inflate the volume, and on the other, so as not to spoil the content during firmware. Field sizes in centimeters:

  • top - 1.5;

  • bottom - 3;

  • right - 1.5;

  • left - 2.5 (1 cm is deposited on the firmware).

  1. Print text on one side on A4 sheets.

  2. Page numbering starts from the third. The title page and contents are not numbered, but are taken into account when counting the sheets. Applications are not calculated. They are indicated in the following format: “Appendix 1 (on two sheets)”.

The title page is important. This is a cover that contains all the basic information about the work. It consists of several main parts:

  1. Header - contains the full name of the university, the name of the department, faculty, sometimes even the ministry is indicated. Formatting is done in the center.

  2. The word SUMMARY in capital letters. Under it is written the subject on which the work was done and its name. All in the center.

  3. Below, with right-hand formatting, all data about the student (last name, first name, patronymic, group number) and his supervisor are indicated in a similar format.

  4. Below in the center is the city and its spelling.

Pay attention also to the list of references, it must be arranged alphabetically. Orientation is done on the names of the authors. References are described in a format similar to the bibliography.



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